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asset management firms The average investor who is seeking assistance with financial investments can be overwhelmed and confused with the different verbiage associated with personal financial service businesses such as asset management firms , investment firms, wealth management firms, brokerage firms and more.

Loosely defined, many are actually the same or similar. Brokerage and investment firms tend to only focus on investment strategies, while wealth management, asset management and/or estate planning firms offer more comprehensive services.

The portfolio of services offered at Graham Capital Advisors includes a combination of all of the services associated with companies offering comprehensive financial services. Our asset management portfolio includes estate planning, retirement planning, wealth management and wealth preservation and offers individual investors the following and more:

  • Nontraditional investment opportunities such as private funds funds
  • Long and short term investment planning and strategies
  • Assessment of current and future needs
  • Legal forms and document review
  • Insurance solutions

Graham Capital Advisors founder, David Graham, is known as “The Retirement Guy”. His motto of “It’s not what you have. It’s not what you earn. It’s what you keep” is why our financial services and strategies are designed to maximize and secure your financial potential and help turn your goals into reality. We’re different from many other asset management firms because our focus isn’t on “selling investments”. It’s about building relationships with our clients and creating strategies and plans based on their personal needs and goals.

Unlike most investment firms, Graham Capital Advisors has a legal staff to help protect the financial security of our clients and their families. Financial reviews and assessments are ongoing, and our experts are on hand to evaluate Wills, Trusts, Health Directives and other legal documents to ensure that they are complete and properly executed. We often set up revocable trusts for clients in Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Brandon, Sarasota and the surrounding cities in order protect assets in the event of death or disability. Contact us today to schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss your financial planning needs, and you’ll immediately see why our personalized services are different from other asset management firms.

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