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Retirement PlannerInvesting in your company’s matching 401k plan is an easy and smart way to set aside funds for your retirement. But as people reach middle age, they begin to wonder if that investment alone is enough for the stress-free retirement of their dreams. Perhaps they caught “The Retirement Guy”, David Graham from Graham Capital Advisors, discussing the value of a retirement planner in building and securing investments for retirement on his Sunday morning or weekday radio shows and now realize the best way to prepare for their retirement is to get help from an investment management fiduciary.

Every Graham Capital retirement planner understands and accepts the ethical and legal fiduciary responsibilities associated with the financial relationships between investment advisors and their clients. Because retirement planning must be individualized, the purpose of advisor-client consultations is to ascertain the client’s current financial situation, determine the short and long-term investment goals and discuss the best strategies to reach the goals. Depending on the strategies of each client’s individual plan, investments in the following products may be chosen by a fiduciary retirement planner for Graham Capital Advisors clients:

  • Stocks
  • Mutual Funds
  • Corporate Bonds
  • Government Bonds
  • Municipal Bonds
  • Private Funds Investments

As any fiduciary will attest, the primary responsibility of a fiduciary is to act in the best interest on their client and at Graham Capital Advisors that is our number one priority. That is one of the reasons our Graham Capital Advisors legal team evaluates any personal documents legal in nature to ensure they are in compliance prior to any investment plan design. Your retirement planner may integrate any or all of our wealth management, wealth preservation, private funds or estate planning services into your individualized plan. Contact us today to learn more reasons why people in need of an investment advisor in Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Brandon, Sarasota and neighboring cities rely on the experienced investment professionals at Graham Capital Advisors.

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