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Graham Capital is a proud sponsor of the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation

Why We Give Back

 As he stepped off the hospital elevator with his college buddy, now a renowned pediatric oncologist at Memorial Sloan Kettering, David Graham watched in awe as a dozen children in hospital gowns surrounded his friend. The doctor quickly took a knee and passed out hugs and good wishes while his patients’ parents stood by.

 This was more than 20 years ago. It was visiting day on the pediatric cancer floor. And David, who was simply there to visit his old friend, watched the faces of the young parents, his peers, and his heart was forever sealed to this cause of ending childhood cancer.  He was struck by how lucky he was to have three healthy children.

 Today, he and Graham Capital Advisors are proud, longtime sponsors of the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation. In addition to financial support, the firm sponsors the annual Pediatric Cancer Foundation Grand Slam Fishing Tournament, with support from local celebrities and friends.

 Only 4% of the billions the government spends annually on cancer research goes toward treating childhood cancers.

 That’s why this cause is so important to us. Thank you for helping Graham Capital Advisors support this life-changing work.


Graham Capital is a proud sponsor of the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation

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